Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey time!

This thanksgiving marked my first drive to Utah, my first negative 4 degree weather, first frozen christmas tree, first trip to temple square, and of course first thanksgiving away from my family! Here are the brief highlights:
At 2am on wednesday morning we loaded up the car and started our long drive to utah, we had to stop and put chains on and there was ice on the road so it took around 15 hours to make it there. The trip was spent watching movies, playing games, talking and of course sleeping.
sam is and excellent sleeper he can even do it with his eyes open!
Thanksgiving day was wonderful we spent time with al of PJ's family. 42 relatives where there so Gram's house was packed and it was some of the most interesting thanksgiving food I have ever had! Everyone was so nice and Jaicy and Ev even got to join in the festivities! we finished the day with an intense game of taboo, even Gram got into it.

Friday morning we got up and all of us young adults went to gap for some of the black friday madness and then out to breakfast. Later that day we went to get a christmas tree for Grams' and they were all frozen in little bundles so we just had to buy one at random. We went bowling at BYU and then PJ and I went to Temple square so I could see the church sights.

That night we went to dinner at PJ's cousins house with Mollie and Steve and a few of their other cousins and we played a really fun game that I will be spreading around with anyone who hangs out with me.

Saturday we woke up early and got all dressed up and headed out to the Draper Temple. Melanie was going through the Temple so Bett Sam and I did baptisms for the time being. It was really beautiful and fun except this old man thought I was like 13 and kept trying to set me up with random boys! After the Temple we went to lunch and then loaded back in the car and headed for home. After dinner in vegas, a few gas stops, one movie, and some napping we got back to Danville at 4am.
All in all it was a wonderful trip! It was so nice to spend the Holiday with PJ and his family just couldn't be more amazing! I loved every minute of it and was surprised by how beautiful Utah was. The one shortcoming was the extreme lack of pictures I took! I can't believe how blessed I am to have such an incredible boyfriend with such a loving and kind family!

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  1. BEWARE.>>>>never sleep around court when she has a camera.