Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to it

So this past week was the beginning of my senior year and probably the craziest start I have had in these past four. My schedule got completely rearranged and I scrambled to get my internship settled and still have a few details to work out but the end point is aside from a senior project and post grad plans to figure out I'm on my way to graduating in June with a relatively easy course load ahead! Its going to be a busy year but its all in the details and fortunately I think I might finally have those down!

Other than the classes I have been getting to know my residents and got to go home this weekend. It was Katie's families annual bacci ball party and it was a blast. Yes, my team did get out in the first round but I totally dominated in a later game! and besides i got to spend time with my wonderful family (sans Aubrey :( ) and see my fake family (ie. lenore, mimi and jude) so all in all it was a great week!