Monday, March 21, 2011

Kicking Off Spring Break!

This Friday marked the beginning of my spring break and even though I have a huge project to do a write up I couldn't be happier for a bit of a break. To start off my spring break right PJ took me out on a date to dinner and a movie! It was such fun, the next day was spent on wedding planning which included going out to the school house and measuring some random things!

It's always such fun to go out their and think about our wedding day. Then we went to the Andersen's to see Bett head out for the MORMAL!! She looked beautiful! Later that night while doing some wedding crafts we decided to make homemade donuts with my mom!

They were so delicious and it was such fun cutting and cooking them! Sunday morning I had to finish preparing for my relief society lesson which included making these cute St. Patricks Day Cupcakes!
It was such a fun weekend and I'm looking forward to a whole week in Danville!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

124 Days!!!

Its officially 124 days until the big day and wedding plans are in full swing! This weekend was utterly full of exciting details. On the 126 day to go, Saturday, we had a full day. We got up early and PJ came over while I got ready for the day. We went over all of our plans and then Tara and I headed to my second dress fitting. It was so nice to see my dress again and I'm excited to see how it will all come together. We drove back home and PJ picked me up. We dropped off my car to get the oil changed and then went to JCREW where Peej tried on a suit they ordered in for him. He looks so handsome in it and I can't wait to see him in it again at our wedding!

After the mall we picked up my car and stopped by a little shop in danville to look at some cute accessories for the wedding. Then it was back home for lunch and off to start registering. I must admit the whole registering experience was a bit overwhelming for me but we are going to work on it again this next weekend at different locations so hopefully it will all become clearer then! After that attempt we headed back to my house and worked on a flag my grandma is quilting for us for the flag pole at our wedding! It is super cute. After dinner and a few more details we went out to see the Adjustment Bureau with Alysse and Cody. It was such fun and a good movie! All in All it was an awesome wedding filled weekend and I can't wait for these 124 days to pass so I can marry my best friend! but for now I'm trying to enjoy the process as much as possible!