Friday, October 16, 2009


What my dreams are made of

When I'm in back to back classes what do i do chocolate
when I have a late night at work chocolate
when I feel stressed out... eat chocolate
when I have a girls day/ night
when I work on grad school applications
when it rains outside
when I need sleep
when I feel bored
when I'm sick
When I'm healthy
when I'm sad
or celebrating
Basically any excuse I can possibly come up with to have chocolate
I'm a full blown addict and eating on campus just makes it worse. chocolate is so available at every meal there it is taunting me with its sweet melty goodness. So much mouth watering goodness how could I be expected to resist! I seriously consider replacing all of my food with chocolate! ( do you think i could get away with that if the chocolate looked like other foods like those chocolate oranges instead of real fruit?) I'm trying to be strong and keep a handle on my chocolate fixing and currently limiting my intake ( to the best my weak will can handle) and making time for the gym when possible! heres hopping I dont end up turning into a chocolate bunny before easter!