Monday, December 13, 2010

December 10th, 2010

Here is the whole engagement story for those of you who haven't heard or just want more detail!

Friday afternoon I left Davis after student teaching and drove back to Danville. PJ was working out of the city that day. He told me his co-workers wanted to but it was really so he could pick up my ring! Anyways he got off work early and came straight to my house. I was wrapping presents and trying to figure out the rest of our night. In my mind it consisted of running some errands and working on my relief society lesson and talk, maybe watch a christmas movie. We were beginning to discuss these riveting options when Candace called and asked us to go over to Oak hill Park and measure the distance between the pillars for Melanie's wedding. We grabbed a tape measurer and headed out. I asked my mom to just leave my wrapping stuff where it was, assuring her I would be back in just a couple minutes, little did I know.

We drove over and talked about how happy we were that I was on winter break and then when we were driving past the park PJ started rambling on about someone living on the hill. I assured him he was being silly and we pulled into the parking lot. He said he had to call his mom and get more detail on what we were supposed to be measuring. I teased him for not figuring that out the first call, I had no clue it was really a tip for Candace to sneak off. We walked around the building and noticed that there was a table with roses and hot chocolate sitting out. I thought someone was doing something and was about to come back so I instantly wanted to rush and began measuring the poles.

PJ was not helping me and kept moving closer to the table and I kept telling him to leave that persons stuff alone and help me hurry it up. He didn't listen and kept telling me to come look. I finally walked over and saw that there was a card on the table that read "Courtney" but it still didn't click I thought "how weird their name is courtney too, now lets hurry this up". Just before I said that out loud PJ got down on one knee and I thought he was joking and apparently said "no". He told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him! I dropped the measuring tape I was still holding and kissed him!

Peej said that's a yes right and slipped my ring on my finger. It was gorgeous and everything I every wanted. I read the note he had written me and he started telling me all the secrets he had been keeping about the ring and the planning. We packed everything up and headed to dinner at The Little Pear in Blackhawk Plaza. We had gone walking around that plaza on our first date! We talked and ate and then walked around. It was fake snowing so we had fun playing around in that for a while! Next was back to visit each of our families and spread all the joy.

It was the most wonderful night I couldn't believe he tricked me so badly. I always thought I would never fall for anything, in fact just Thursday night I told Peej he would never be able to trick me! I'm so glad he could though, I love him so much and can't believe how blessed I am to have such a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Talk Dodging

Apparently I am an excellent talk dodger. I don't know how I did it but somehow I have managed to avoid being asked to speak in sacrament for about 6 years. Mind you this entire time I was going to church, so some of you may ask how is this done. I'm not quite sure but I think it can be attributed to a few of my former church habits.
  1. Sit in the back or very close to the walls (you blend in with the scenery)
  2. Don't socialize very much, it raises expectation.
  3. Travel quickly from class to class and use extra time to go to the bathroom.
Now for those of you who are thinking what on earth is Courtney rambling on for here is the punch line: it finally happened this Sunday I will be giving a talk. Lets hope it goes well because its also my Sunday to teach in relief society!