Thursday, July 1, 2010

All Growd Up!

Warning : I have be exceptionally bad at taking pictures of my life so thanks to everyone I stole these from!

Ok so I know that I am terribly out of date here but I promise to attempt to be better at blogging, I'll add it to my summer goals!So for starters I graduated college!!! Crazy right! My Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aub, and Phil came down for the celebration and it was super fun and totally hot!!! My ceremony was at nine in the morning and people were taking there robes off during the ceremony to try and cool down! We went to lunch after all the commotion and then my parents and grandma headed home but Aub and Phil got to crash with me for another day and relive that o so joyous dorm experience, which Phil never actually had during his college years! We went to the beach, hung out down town, and had the best clam chowder ever before packing up my entire life and heading home!
Then it was a brief stop back home before heading down to San Diego for the most awesome weekend ever!! It was full of bridal and baptismal bliss and the most wonderful people I know! We started off the weekend with some cut throat game playing (Literally), then a beach day complete with a night time bonfire, followed by the main events of bridal shower, baptism and baptismal party including some super awesome dancing!!! Then we finished off the weekend with a trip to the Mormon battalion museum and two excellent talks by Lauren and Jeff! Did I mention that I cried every day I was there! It was so wonderful and emotional in the best possible sense! I love all of these girls so much and they bless my life every time I'm with them! It seriously couldn't have been better! I don't know how I got so lucky and ended up with such wonderful friends who are also some of my greatest examples! I can't wait till Laurens wedding when I get to see them all again!Then it was back home for another few days then off to Santa Cruz for a surprise trip my dad had planned for my moms anniversary! The whole family was there which was soooo incredibly awesome! We went to the boardwalk (I have the injuries to prove I went on rides), we swam everyday, we went to the beach, ate lots of good food and spent quality time together! then on Tuesday me, my mom, Tara and my cute niece and nephew went to sky high which is this awesome room filled with trampolines! I wanted my niece do some of her gymnastic tricks and basically exhausted myself, but it was way fun!Those are the big events but my life has been filled with changes this past month and I am excited and nervous to see what will be coming up next! I'm so blessed and thankful for the opportunities I have to grow and am trying not to focus on how scared the unknown makes me! Hopefully I will continue to keep ya'll more updated!