Monday, May 18, 2009

One Month!

SO two years ago my best friend, since 14, Brett went on his mission. It was crazy weird adjusting to him being gone! We have written letters and sent packages( well really I send packages although he did send me missionary supplies and a Florida flag for my birthday last summer) Anyways it's been really strange not having him around, but...He will be home in one month!!!!! That's right June 17th and I can't wait!!!!! It's amazing how fast two years can go! I'm so excited to just be able to to talk to him on the phone its ridiculous, so the fact that i get to see him in a month is amazing! So that's the joy of my night!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

RIP Runt

So for those of you who don't know runt is my trusted and beloved fish! He had been with me since the first week of school when my surrogate little brother Aaron won him for me at the schools block party. (Aaron has a fish fear he is working on and i like to think this is the act that inspired him) Anyways Runt and I went through a lot this year I almost killed him countless times by not changing his water or almost dropping him when I did. He even suffered from that black spotted fish disease that they get from stress but we worked through that, and he had been healthy for quite some time. but the other morning i woke up and greeted him like usual and he was swimming on his side and obviously not looking good. I knew his water was clean and there was still food in his bowl so there was nothing i could do and runt finally met his maker. I had to flush him all by myself and i did so in my favorite stall in the bathroom and haven't really been able to use that toilet since.... I'm hoping i will be able to soon cuz its the one that's always not clogged. Anyways my room just doesn't feel the same without him who knew such a little fish would have such a big impact!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The wrong time to be sick

So I've been getting sick for a couple weeks now but a few days ago it decided to explode into its full potential. My nose began to run without ceasing and I started coughing things all over the place and my voice is all crocky and disgusting. So I broke down and went to the health center. Fortunately our school is only mildly freaked about the swine flu ( total lie I have gotten 4 emails about it in the past two days) I arrived there and was greeted by a girl in a mask who asked if I had any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, or vomiting. Now my question is why on earth would visit the health center if I didn't have any of those symptoms! so of course I answered yes and then was required to sanitize my hands and put on a lovely mask and went into the waiting room. I sat for forty minutes breathing my already used air creating a swamp atmosphere in my dumb mask. The worst part being that I could not deal with my fountain of snot or any of the things I was coughing up because I was not allowed to take off the stupid mask, a major design flaw! Then finally was called in and told I have a cold, just your average cold... so there goes an hour of my life and my dignity! thanks a lot swine flu!

Monday, May 4, 2009

spring in full bloom

SO I have been majorly slacking on my blog life and here is a quick update on my life. I had Easter fun back home with my amazing family. We saw Brianna run at Davis and did the whole Easter day norms at our house and grandma's with these really cute cupcakes me and my mom made . Then back to school for a week then a trek back to Danville for Chelsea's wedding!
A weekend with all these lovely ladies from high school and beautiful Chelsea getting married was so amazing!!! We had so much fun, first the bacheloret party in all its glory with Kim's mom's wonderful better than sex cake, and an amazing slide show Lauren made which we watched 3 times almost 4 ... Kim's mom missed the first two times so... but amazing every time.
Then we woke up early and i brought extra bobby pins to my mom who was doing Chelsea's hair. Got ready rushed to Kim's got dressed with the rest of the girlies and headed to the temple where we waited for chels and took like a million pictures of ourselves. We all cried when she came out and took more pictures then on to the lunch, with a few quick trips for embarrassing car decorations and finally to the reception where we danced the night away!!! Seriously one of the most fun weekends ever!! I love weddings and can't wait for more this summer well that brings you up on recent events but I will blog again soon since that's the major highlights of six weeks!