Monday, May 18, 2009

One Month!

SO two years ago my best friend, since 14, Brett went on his mission. It was crazy weird adjusting to him being gone! We have written letters and sent packages( well really I send packages although he did send me missionary supplies and a Florida flag for my birthday last summer) Anyways it's been really strange not having him around, but...He will be home in one month!!!!! That's right June 17th and I can't wait!!!!! It's amazing how fast two years can go! I'm so excited to just be able to to talk to him on the phone its ridiculous, so the fact that i get to see him in a month is amazing! So that's the joy of my night!!!


  1. yayyyy for missionary boys!!! only 6 months for me! hahaha im excited for you!!

  2. woop woop! I can't wait either!! I can't believe its been 2 whole years and now youre down to one month!