Tuesday, June 9, 2009

crazy mixed up week of doom

SO it's the end of another quarter which means its the end of life as I know it. Along with a slew of finals I also have the joys of packing up my entire life to travel back to Danville with me in, what proves to be, the most epically full car ride anyone has ever experienced. For the next few days my life will be consumed for with studying for two finals checking out about 30 residents and tearing my room down. The shinny light at the end of the tunnel though is that in 5 days I will get to see my family in 8 days brett comes home in 9 days kelly and fam come in from virgina in 11 days molly and steve get married and in 18 days aubrey gets married!!!!! Looks like i will have a rockin start to summer!


  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy COME HOME!!! Oh man and the car ride is ridiculous! SO much stuff! I can't wait court!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!

  2. awww im gonna miss you sooooooo much! if you want any help packing or if there is any stuff you would like me to bring down for you when i come home on sat/sun then let me know m'dear!