Monday, October 18, 2010

Gertie Gets MARRIED!!!!

of course I forgot my camera again but her is a stolen pic from peej
This weekend was Emily's wedding! It was crazy busy and crazy wonderful!
Friday night all the Gals got together to live it up before her big day. We went to the Blatter's and ate junk food, played games, talked, and I embarrassed emily with some old notes emily wrote me in high school! An excerpt from one was "My husband better have good hands" Gertie assured us Dustin does! We had so much fun and lauren made this cute slideshow! It was grand getting a lot of the gang together again! I'm also obsessed with chelsea's baby bump and she tried to convince us all to by maternity pants. I think I'll wait on that one! After that party PJ and I hung out and stayed up way to late talking and (get your barf bag ready) being all in love with one another!
Saturday was such fun we did the traditional Blatter bathroom get ready and Kim, Katie and I headed out to get the flowers. They were beautiful and filled the car up. The off to the temple we went and awaited our bride and groom. Emily looked so gorgeous from head to tow and they both looked so happy! We all took some pictures and then Kim, Katie, Lauren, Jeff and I picked up Katie's friend from BART and went to pic up Dominicos for lunch. We went back to the Robinson's ate up and helped finishing up the final reception details. PJ came to help with the set up and was such an adorable helper! The entire yard was transformed with tons of white pumpkins, lights, flowers, candles, and white japanese lanterns. It was so great! The food was amazing especially the desserts and the photo bored was so cute. Of course I loved the dancing! All of the ladies tore up the dance floor and PJ's moves were to die for, he entertains me to no end! Of course my family also debuted some pretty solid moves, including the hussle by my mom, sis, and a bunch of other women, and a Michael Jackson duet by phlabry! My feet are still recovering! The whole night was finished with a beautiful sparkler send off. All in all it was an amazing wedding and I couldn't be happier for the bride and groom they are headed for one terrific eternity!

Monday, October 4, 2010

PJ's 25th B-day weekend

On Friday Peej turned 25 and the celebration began! PJ's parents were out of town for the weekend so I got to be in charge of all the birthday celebrating! On Friday I got out of class at 4 and drove back to danville! I stopped at Trader Joe's and Safeway to get stuff for dinner and headed over to the Andersens. We made some dinner and then PJ, Bett, Sam and I headed to the Danville Bowl!

Bett schooled us all and beat her personal best, Sam was a close second and I let PJ beat me so he wouldn't come in last :) After bowling we picked up a movie and headed back to the Andersens.
I didn't have time to make a cake and we couldn't find any birthday candles so Peej blew out a tea light candle on top of a mound of Muddie Buddies and Peanut Butter M&M's! We vegged out wrapping up a wonderful evening!
The next morning was the beginning of conference so I went over early and PJ and I made french toast! After the first session we went on a walk and made some waffle iron grilled cheeses (I know this weekend feels like it all about the probably was)
Then more conference and PJ headed off to priesthood and I went out with Aub, T and the cravens. Then PJ and I made cinnamon roll dough for sunday morning and watched The Work and the Glory and picked up sam from his friends house and headed to bed early in preperation for conference sunday!

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and headed out to the Andersens. I knocked on PJ's window at 7:30 to wake him up (he didn't want to get up a second early) and we finished making the cinnamon rolls and tried to clean up the house a little! We woke up Bett and Sam just in time for conference and Erin and Jared came over for the spiritual festivities! Then Aub and Phil joined up for second session
After all the conferencing was over we made dinner and a welcome home pie for the Andersen parents and finished out our wonderful weekend catching up with everyone. It was such a great weekend! SOOOO much good food, good company, and great spiritual messages!