Monday, March 30, 2009

Confessions of a Girl night

So one thing you may not know about me is I love B movies! you know those chick flicks with the predictable stories that always follow the same path and end with the same love story? I love a happy ending and thus am an obvious suckers for these sub-par films...particularly when it comes to dance movies... seriously know one can argue with the epic ending dance in center stage! I mean how on earth did she manage to get into those red point shoes and a whole new outfit in thirty seconds? Dance movie magic that's how!

So naturally when me and my lovely girl friend Carlyn and Katie heard that center stage two Turn It Up!had come out we knew it was time for a girls night. Now of course one movie is never enough so when we went to rent it we picked up make it happen another less known dance movie to give you an idea of the caliber of movie we are dealing with here are the covers...

Now I know what you thinking "dance movies are all the same" but when we popped in Center Stage turn it up! we were epically surprised at the lack of the typical plot! I'm not saying it deviated entirely from the norm but She didn't get into the school ! That's rule number one in tyipical plot lines!

However our worlds were shattered when we popped in Make it Happen and the exact same things were going on in this plot! the same exact changes!!! Not saying they were exactly the same but it was enough to make you wonder is this the new dance plot line? If so who makes that decision? Is my dance movie world forever changed?

Regardless if you are in the mood for some midless dancing romance movies you will not be disappointed with either of these films... you jus may want to space them out more than I did

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life is Beautiful

So last night I finished finals and was basking in the glow of spring breakness today when I encountered the most amazing thing... THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY MIGRATION HAS STARTED!!!!!!!!!! Little known fact about San Luis Obispo is that it is right on the migration path of the monarch butterflies! The hibernate in pismo at the groves all winter looking beautifully like this....
And now they are flying all through San Luis signifing the wonders of springs!!! I spent twenty minutes just standing out watching them fly around and feeling like I was in some wonderous fairy tale! That may just be my five year old side but I have got to say it was a total spirit lifter/ rejuvinator! If anyone is looking for a peaceful pass time I suggest comeing here for some beautiful butterfly watching!

Monday, March 16, 2009

When it doesn't count

Eating all of this .....
Doesn't count when this ...
is considered free time, and this...
is all your doing and when this
is where you could be if you didn't have finals

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heavenly water

Thursdays morning I woke up and started the rush through my day. I went to class as usually, met with my boss, and stole a couple hours out of my day to go to the gym. Sweaty and miserable, but feeling quite accomplished, I hurried back to my room to give me the most amount of time possible to clean up and relax in the shower before class. I grabbed my shower caddy hopped, in turned on the faucet and what should hit me but a fountain of ice sickles!

That's right, the hot water was out. Now this has been happening a lot this year with random construction going on around campus sometimes they just shut ours off without warning, cruel and unusual I know, but never has it hit me so completely. This cold water seemed to penetrate my entire being and left me struggling to clean myself just enough as to not horrify my classmates with my odor. I didn't even bother to wet my hair and the sheer fear of the temperature.

This shower left me with a cold feeling that was present through my remaining class and the rest of the night. I worked till two thirty and the whole time i was hoping all the hot water would return so I could wash my hair; but It wasn't until the next day at one in the afternoon that I was able to take that warm shower I had been waiting for. It was the shower to top all showers, and while I wouldn't want to go through that again, I have never felt so clean and relaxed. I could have stayed in that shower forever and I'm pretty sure I have discovered what showers in heaven will feel like!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blog Fever

After months and months of blog stalking it finally happened....I woke up this morning with blog fever!
For know reason at all I had an extreme need to have a blog. My head was spinning with ideas and titles . As I mulled over all those moments I have thought " I could blog about this" I wondered will my blog live up to my expectations, will it entertain others as those whose wits inspired me to blog. But the fever was strong and without full consciousness I found myself setting this up and now here I am waiting for blog worthy moments for all of you!