Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heavenly water

Thursdays morning I woke up and started the rush through my day. I went to class as usually, met with my boss, and stole a couple hours out of my day to go to the gym. Sweaty and miserable, but feeling quite accomplished, I hurried back to my room to give me the most amount of time possible to clean up and relax in the shower before class. I grabbed my shower caddy hopped, in turned on the faucet and what should hit me but a fountain of ice sickles!

That's right, the hot water was out. Now this has been happening a lot this year with random construction going on around campus sometimes they just shut ours off without warning, cruel and unusual I know, but never has it hit me so completely. This cold water seemed to penetrate my entire being and left me struggling to clean myself just enough as to not horrify my classmates with my odor. I didn't even bother to wet my hair and the sheer fear of the temperature.

This shower left me with a cold feeling that was present through my remaining class and the rest of the night. I worked till two thirty and the whole time i was hoping all the hot water would return so I could wash my hair; but It wasn't until the next day at one in the afternoon that I was able to take that warm shower I had been waiting for. It was the shower to top all showers, and while I wouldn't want to go through that again, I have never felt so clean and relaxed. I could have stayed in that shower forever and I'm pretty sure I have discovered what showers in heaven will feel like!

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  1. Showers are such an important part of happiness let alone hygiene! I'm so glad you finally got hot water!!