Monday, May 23, 2011

47 More days!!!

Friday marked 50 days until Peej and I get married!!! To mark the occasion I decided to surprise him with a completely awesome date! Now for those of you who don't know in the summer of 2009 PJ asked me on a date to see the movie UP and I turned him down (I had a boyfriend). Since we started dating we have teased each other about this "missed date" so for our 50 day date I decided to plan an awesome UP date! I must admit I think it was way better than the date he would have planned in 2009!

First I set up his room before he came home and this was what he walked in to find...
Tied to the bottom of the balloons was the movie Up and a 50 days note!
Peej looking very excited about his surprise! After he got all surprised we had Pizza and salad for dinner and then we watched the movie while eating these...
It wasn't Fentons but it got the job done! All in all it was a wonderful celebration and I'm excited for these day to pass by.

Right now there are
47 days until the wedding
16 days until graduation
10 days until I'm done with class

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So I had all of these really cute posts I was going to blog about such as all my friends being in town and Alysse and Cody's wedding not to mention Easter but it seems I will have to skip past all those and get straight to the Current event....

I no longer have an Apendix. Here is the short version of how that came to be.

The Sunday before last after having a wonderful time and the Andersen and Blau homes PJ and I headed back to my house so I could finish some homework. I started feeling sick and by 9 the vomiting started. (In RA world puke is always vomit never throw up or any other form of that I think they want it to seem more clinical just random FYI) I was hovering the toilet the rest of the night with endless stomach pains and vomit every 45 minutes almost exactly. PJ was super sweet rubbing my back and watching the chaos quite well. I had to force him out at about 1 so he could get some rest. I was up all night...

Monday I decided not to go to school I was still vomiting and having these terrible pains. I talked to an advice nurse and a doctor over the phone but got no where. PJ came home at 6:30 and started eating dinner with my family. Around that time the pain sunk into my lower right abdomen and by 7 PJ my mom and I were on our way to the ER
They took forever to get me through the waiting room and my mom kept pointing out the people with chest pains passing me up in the line. Finally I saw nurse number 1 she was nice and took me seriously and then I was ushered into another waiting room where I could only have one person with me so Peej came and sat while I got random tests. Finally I got into a room with a nurse who obviously thought I was faking it. Then my mom got people to break rules for her and joined us to my sweet relief!

By the time a doctor came it was Tuesday morning. She was sure it was my appendix but called a surgeon to check. He said if I was a man they would say appendicitis but since I have ovaries we needed to run more tests. They put me on morphine and made me drink this chalky crap that apparently reacts with some other things to make my organs show in a CT scan. CT scans are weird by the way and YOU TOTALLY FEEL LIKE YOU PEED YOUR PANTS!!!!!! but miraculously you do not. Anyways after the scan PJ my mom and I all fell asleep in weird positions in my room. At 4:00 they came in and said it was my Appendix and that they were just waiting for the operating room to be open and At 4:30 they came to prep me and PJ and my mom went home.

I went into surgery at 5 and don't remember a thing until 7 :45 so bizarre and PJ went home took a shower drove to the airport and hopped a flight to Iowa for work. The next day was full of visitors and funny drugged conversations. And the night was full of hospital people poking me and rude neighbors. Then it was home wed and recovery since! O and when PJ came home he gave me a mug from Iowa to say sorry for missing my operation. This pic is not of mine but I kid you not looks just like this and says Iowa on the inside!
I guess he was udderly sad to leave me (couldn't help myself)