Monday, May 23, 2011

47 More days!!!

Friday marked 50 days until Peej and I get married!!! To mark the occasion I decided to surprise him with a completely awesome date! Now for those of you who don't know in the summer of 2009 PJ asked me on a date to see the movie UP and I turned him down (I had a boyfriend). Since we started dating we have teased each other about this "missed date" so for our 50 day date I decided to plan an awesome UP date! I must admit I think it was way better than the date he would have planned in 2009!

First I set up his room before he came home and this was what he walked in to find...
Tied to the bottom of the balloons was the movie Up and a 50 days note!
Peej looking very excited about his surprise! After he got all surprised we had Pizza and salad for dinner and then we watched the movie while eating these...
It wasn't Fentons but it got the job done! All in all it was a wonderful celebration and I'm excited for these day to pass by.

Right now there are
47 days until the wedding
16 days until graduation
10 days until I'm done with class

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  1. phish food is my favorite!! so cute, court. i can't wait for your wedding!