Sunday, July 3, 2011

6 Days!!

At My Shower
We are finally under a week and there is so much going on I can hardly catch my breath. Each day starts with a list that I know will not get finished no matter how much I buckle down. And now I have started waking up at 6 am (sometimes earlier) and sit there for an hour or so until I feel like its a more appropriate time to get up. I do feel extreme comfort in the fact that my mom is also not sleeping anymore!
Pj with our marriage license
It's amazing how time has flown. Just two weeks ago it had been the longest 6 1/2 months of my life and now it just feels like each day is completed in a few seconds. Here are just a few things that have been speeding up the process:
cleaning out my bed room (I must admit sadder than I thought)
painting furniture
running wedding errands
doing wedding projects
moving stuff into our new place
organizing the chaos we just moved in
staying involved in family events
eating (gotta squeeze that in)
and endless other tasks
The way a MAN packs
Fortunately I have the best support group. With my mom, sisters, Jaicy, the whole Andersen clan, and of course PJ taking on this endeavor it doesn't seem nearly as nuts. I imagine the next 6 days will fly by and I am so excited to be Mrs. Andersen I can hardly stand it. PJ is a constant reminder of why all of this madness is completely worth it! He is so patient through my crazy emotions and does so much for us. I can't believe how blessed I am!

Now I just need my friends and family to hurry up and get here so the party can really start! 6 more days!!!!

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