Monday, May 4, 2009

spring in full bloom

SO I have been majorly slacking on my blog life and here is a quick update on my life. I had Easter fun back home with my amazing family. We saw Brianna run at Davis and did the whole Easter day norms at our house and grandma's with these really cute cupcakes me and my mom made . Then back to school for a week then a trek back to Danville for Chelsea's wedding!
A weekend with all these lovely ladies from high school and beautiful Chelsea getting married was so amazing!!! We had so much fun, first the bacheloret party in all its glory with Kim's mom's wonderful better than sex cake, and an amazing slide show Lauren made which we watched 3 times almost 4 ... Kim's mom missed the first two times so... but amazing every time.
Then we woke up early and i brought extra bobby pins to my mom who was doing Chelsea's hair. Got ready rushed to Kim's got dressed with the rest of the girlies and headed to the temple where we waited for chels and took like a million pictures of ourselves. We all cried when she came out and took more pictures then on to the lunch, with a few quick trips for embarrassing car decorations and finally to the reception where we danced the night away!!! Seriously one of the most fun weekends ever!! I love weddings and can't wait for more this summer well that brings you up on recent events but I will blog again soon since that's the major highlights of six weeks!

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  1. love youuu. love this post. love kims mom. love weddings. love love. love danville.