Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling Sheepish?

So for Halloween this year PJ took one for the team and was a sheep to my Little Bow peep! I think he secretly loved it especially since he sewed his own shirt and pants (I know he's such a keeper) Not to mention the fact he wore the whole costume to work Friday!
Before I continue on with the rest of this post on my Halloween fun I realized I have yet to write about my school week at all! The basic run down is student teaching for 1st or 5th graders during the day and classes almost everyday on top of that! Its way fun and crazy busy and most nights are spent talking to PJ like this....
I know right so silly but thank goodness for video chat or I might loose it here in Davis! Anywho back to the fun! Over Halloween weekend PJ and I went to the Johnson's party (see first picture) carved pumpkins with Aubrey and Phil

(can you guess which one is mine and which is PJ's) and made this awesome cupcake haunted mansion!!!
Then we had friends over to eat dinner and Randi and Chad taught us this awesome game that I want to play all the time now! All in all a wonderful Halloween!


  1. I only have one thing to say...BAAAAAAAAAAA

  2. New computer!!!! I expect a video chat, asap. :)

  3. Such a great costume! and I enjoyed eating your cupcake mansion, it was delicious.