Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Official!

What's official you may ask?
You'll never guess......... I officially can make anything out of duct tape!
Now I can see some of you disappointed at this amazing skill I have developed but give me a chance to explain my sheer awesomeness.

Last night I was swamped with HW to the point that even though PJ came up to davis for a visit I really only made time for dinner with him. The rest of his time was spent playing angry birds, watching me work, and reading over my financial aid paperwork. He handled it like a champ (I know he's such a keeper). Once PJ left I worked non stop and around 3am I had finished all of the written assignments and was on to the creative projects. The first was decorating a poem about myself. I cut pictures of my childhood into this cute bow shape and finished around 4. Then it was on to my literary history creative project.

For those of you who don't know I'm really only half moved my stuff up to davis. Only what I need day in and out and a few pictures. Now normally it all works perfectly but unfortunately it has me totally tapped out on craft supplies. So It's 4am and I'm looking around my room feeling totally lost when all of the sudden my multi colored duct tape catches my eye!

But what to do ... I know I'll make a heart shaped box to fill with the books I love
But can it be done..... o yes it can!!!!
and here is the proof!

I know I'm still in awe
Now I must admit my pride in this accomplishment is probably amplified by the fact that I'm running on like 45 minutes of sleep but please humor me!

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  1. At first when I saw the picture...I said to myself "What the what?"

    Hey what were you doing up so late....stop....sleep