Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to school already?

I know I know I'm a blog failure, but its not like my mom and aubrey ( the people who routinely acknowledge the existence of my blog) aren't 100% aware of my life already and just comment to keep up my moral! However i was going to try and be more on top of this thing and have just let it go to shambles so its time for an update! And in the true spirit of my blog I stole all of these pics!

so in an effort not to drag on, this summer I........turned 22 and lots of cool people came to celebrate with me...

...Went to the boardwalk and capitola as part of lauren and jeffs pre-wedding three day extravaganza...

....Acted like a crazy person at laurens bachaelorette party with the greatest girls I know
....Celebrated the union of Mrs. and Mr. Jeffery Thompson
...saw peter pan in the city! Tara and Camille were the cutest couple in the bunch!...
Went to family camp! yes me and my mom hauled those kids till our arms fell of and of course I ate my weight in pie and ice cream!And I think that sums up the big events! I just started student teaching and classes start in a little over a week and I'm in Davis all week and home all weekend! so Life is Grand !!!!!!!!!


  1. girrrrrrrrl I still read your blog! Its on my google reader :)

  2. i freaking love that picture of all of you at peter pan in the city. SO CUTE.

  3. Great synopsis of a wonderful summer. Miss you like I miss my 30's ====real bad!