Wednesday, July 15, 2009

some a summer

Sorry to be such a lame blogger over this summer but apparently I'm easily distracted... Anyways here is the quick update on the events in my life over the past monthish...

So Aubrey got married as many of you witnessed and have already read about so the beginning of my summer was filled with family coming into town and last minute wedding prep and amazing wonderful times with jaicy my fourth sister!!! we rushed about town talked late at night, she tackled me for my phone, you know all the good stuff!! It was so much fun hanging out with her and Kelly's fam for a week!!!
Then came the wedding!! It was beautiful every little detail was perfectly mastered we laughed and cried and danced the night away! Aubrey looked so gorgeous and she and Phil could not of been happier! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful sister and to have gained such a great big brother!
I loved spending time with family and friends and ended the night with my feet in the swimming pool, aloe on my sunburned back, shoving chocolate raspberry wedding cake into my mouth with my cousin and family could there be a better finale!
Then came the fourth of July Mat came up for the weekend with Katie and the family did the parade thing as usual and in an wondrous turn of events have inherited all these kids through aubs marriage and got to spend that time with them! Its so great to be with kids and experience those things through there eyes! they are so excited and appreciate it all so fully! we spent the rest of the day with the Greenan clan swimming, playing baseball ( yes I played in fact got a base hit even though Mat totally let me and wont admit it :) ) and watching the fireworks! o and did i mention enjoying this American flag cake me and Katie and mat made!!! I'm shamelessly proud of that but all in all an amazing weekend

Then last weekend I went down to San Luis for the weekend to visit Mat and Katie and Nick! We went to a concert where Sherwood was totally beyond awesome! spent time on the beach had some bbq fun caught up with my RA friends and me and Mat went on our first actual date! It was so much fun and totally us my car battery died while we were out and we had to change our plans a few times but we smiled our way through it and mat got to feel really heroic jumping my car so I couldn't ask for a better time :)

Those are the weekend highlights at least! and during the week I'm spending my time working for this lovely family...watching those two beyond gorgeous children!! seriously I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!


  1. This is such a fun summer huh! I love the pictures court and now I can totally envision the wedding cake pool eating fest! I still want a piece of my wedding cake... :)

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i can't wait for your birthday m'dear!!!

  3. Great wedding! Terrific 4th of july! Boo on disneyland without your mom!